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Just found Windows XP Embedded Team‘s blog.


shell: revealed

Found very interesting site with weird name shell: revealed that has lots of interesting resources about Vista from the Microsoft’s Windows Client team. For example, there is a Shell Blog featuring highly interesting “artefact” titled A look into the feature design process describing the subject as it is used at Microsoft. Guess what! There is a real Microsoft feature spec for Aero Wizard UI Spec in that post! (as well as IEEE Software Requirements Specification and A Software Design Specification Template). Highly recommended!

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SQLite… SQL Server Express…

I have to choose a database engine for my project. After doing some preliminary research I left two options only – SQLite + System.Data.SQLite ADO.NET provider for it, and Microsoft’s SQL Server Express. SQL Server is much cooler and mature, and includes everything one could want from a database. SQLite, on the other hand, has much lower footprint – an important feature as the database will run in the embedded environment. It seems, that I will give SQLite a try, and lets see how it goes…