Internet is Shit? Yes, it is!

Sometimes ago I posted a link to the site that claimed exactly that. Now, after dealing with DNS, registrars, web hosting and other Internet crap I have to admit – that guy is right. Even more – Internet is MEGA-shit and I do not understand how it can work altogether, taking into account its infrastructure and those “web/dns/you-name-it hosting crooks” that live around it.

Domain hosting companies will make your life miserable when you want to transfer your domains to other registrars – you will have to fight with them before you will get your domains (NTT/Verio). New registrars will suck you straight during the purchase/transfer of the domains – in place of X dollars you expect you will be charged (based on their ads) you will pay something like X * 2.5 and they will have a nice answer to the “Why?” question (GoDaddy)! DNS changes are propagating at the lightning speed of one change per week (sarcasm intended).

IT JUST SUCKS! Have a good night!