Weird observation about WordPress themes

Have changed blog’s theme to Garland… Looks really nice, IMHO, except for one little thing that bugs me for some time already…

I have an impression, that ALL free themes available from WordPress are a little bit flawed in one way or another. This one, for example, doesn’t have bullets in lists, which reduces readability greatly, although it has bullets in sidebars. All other themes I’ve tried had one or few minor “glitches” in them too – sometimes it is bullets missing, sometimes it is the color of the links, sometimes it is stupid looking list of categories, etc.

Is it just me, or WordPress simply doesn’t want us to have excellent free themes, but rather forcing us to pay few bucks to get CSS editor? This is ugly thing, if that’s the case, ’cause many people are either CSS-illiterate, or simply do not have time to play with those styles (in my case)…


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