PostSharp is a free and open source aspect-oriented programming (AOP)/policy injection framework that can reduce the number of lines of code and improve its logical decoupling by allowing encapsulation of e.g. transaction management, logging, caching, or security aspects as custom attributes. Own custom attributes can be developed that will add new behaviors to code.


2 thoughts on “PostSharp

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  2. In these days I`m testing this AOP framework because I’m working to my thesis, is interesting by the moment, I’m searching the application fields of the AOP like logging, tracing, synchronization, validation data, persistence, etc. to compare this paradigm with OOP. I know that AOP is a complement to OOP, but I’m searching comparation in code and presents the improvement in many ways like decoupling, reduction of code, separation of concepts, better design, etc. But now I’m searching a comparison in performance (execution time and another metrics) between both AOP and OOP for example in an application, some people said me that in some situations AOP is slower because implements the reflection mecanism, but in this sense sometimes is variable.
    If someone could help me in this I would appreciate. Thanks in advance :D

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