WPF Blogs

WPF blogs from Microsoft and ex-Microsoft guys/gals primarily (as well as guys that know their way around the Microsoft):

And here are blogs by ex-Microsoft people (sad, that they are not at MS anymore):

  • notstatic.com by Robby Ingebretsen – nice things. Has not been updated recently, but now it is picking up again. Check his Kaxaml replacement of XamlPad.
  • fortes.com by Filipe Fortes – few demos and screencasts, mostly mix06-related
  • jfo’s coding by Jessica Fosler – many samples, snippets, tips, etc.

Channel 9

Other blogs:

  • 2008.07.10 WPFopoly by Matt Duffin: guy is creating a game similar but unrelated to Monopoly – from scratch. A lot of panels-related things.
  • 2008.07.10 Pixel in Gene by Pavan Podila (?) – mostly related to 3D
  • 2008.07.10 sachabarber.net by Sacha Barber – I guess no need to introduce this guy :)
  • 2008.07.10 Andrew Smith
  • 2008.07.10 Alan Le’s Vertigo Blog – a lot of info about resources and WPF/Silverlight
  • 2008.07.10 Karl on WPF by Karl Shifflett
  • 2007.08.26 Nick Thuesen has few interesting articles about panels and other WPF and non-WPF things
  • 2007.08.26 the WPF way… – Pavan Podila’s blog has interesting stuff, but very little code (its title says “‘the Approach, rather than the Solution”)
  • Josh Smith on WPF (and the old blog) – great blog about all kinds of things like “smart” ResourceDictionaries, controls’ customization, etc.
  • theWPFblog by Lee Brimelow – a lot of samples and nice ideas
  • Sheva’s TechSpace’s Blog by Yong Zhou (aka Sheva, footballism on MSDN forums). His blog is great and guy knows a lot.
  • On .Net Client Stuff by [?] – not a bad blog with lots of goodies about Vista gandets, WPF/ActiveX interoperability, tips, etc.
  • Jan-Cornelius Molnar – quite cool blog with some nice tips about Dispatcher.Invoke (obvious, but still), customizing WPF window border (like in Max), etc.
  • dotnet mania by Eric Burke – PanelLayoutAnimator, some XAML snippets
  • Chaz by [?] – a bit outdated, but a lot of nice ideas and samples (skinning, SkewTransform, Elliptic Control, etc.)
  • Ruurd Boeke: Enterprise development and techno babble by Ruurd Boeke – some interesting posts about databinding
  • XamlXaml.com by Michael Emmons – nice snippets and bits…
  • Douglas Stockwell’s WebLog – interesting things about WPF, generics, DWM Thumbnails in WPF, dynamic method generation, Impossible WPF, …
  • DeveloperZen.com by Eran Kampf – tons of interesting resources about WPF and not only
  • Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft) – nice blog about WPF, .NET, Web Services, etc.

8 thoughts on “WPF Blogs

  1. I agree I don’t post code for some of the interesting posts only because it has some proprietary stuff…but generally that gets refactored and I eventually post the code.

    Some such examples include GlassWindow, Drag Drop Library.

    Hopefully that would change in the future :)


  2. Pavan, it is not a problem! :) In any case you are hinting toward the right direction, and that is worth something. If on top of that there is a way to get the source code – that’s a bonus. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, I was looking for these links..WPF seems very interesting.

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