My company is using TargetProces as a project management tool supporting Scrum – we have two georgaphical locations and have to use some software to coordinate Scrum. The tool is really nice, and I should say that it is missing only few functions that I would like it to have.

Today I got an email from Share-it! (Share-it! is handling ordering for TargetProcess) saying that my TargetProcess subscription has been cancelled “due to an unsuccessful automatic payment which was due on 31-JUL-2008”. Reason: my credit card info in their database had old expiration date and somehow I did not update information to reflect my new card. Shit. When I went to “Buy” page, there was no option to “update” expired subscription – only to get a new one (meaning I would have to pay 5 times more).

But guess what… I contacted TargetProcess “Live Chat” support, and my problem was solved within 2 (yes, TWO!) minutes – they IMMEDIATELY provided my with another order page where I had to pay only for subscription renewal and now, 5 minutes after my struggling started, it is completely paid and delivered. Wow!!! That is cool! Thumbs up!

By the way, this was not the first time I have turned to their support, both technical and sales, and, to my pleasure, I ALWAYS got IMMEDIATE resolutions to my issues. TargetProcess people do a really great job!

So, why all this rant? I just wanted to share at least one good experience in today’s world of “outsourced support”. I would say that this was perhaps my “smoothest” experience with any support people so far – no blaming, no pushing responsibilities – they just did their job.


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