Interesting Microsoft Tools

  • Microsoft SharedView – little known Microsoft remote desktop tool. Allows to connect with up to 15 people in different locations and show them what’s on your screen. You can share, review, and update documents with multiple people in real time. Have tried it, and it really rocks – no idea why Microsoft is “hiding” it from people.
  • Windows SteadyState 2.5. Microsoft says, “Whether you manage computers in a school computer lab or an Internet cafe, a library, or even in your home, Windows SteadyState helps make it easy for you to keep your computers running the way you want them to, no matter who uses them.” SteadyState provides a more effective way to help defend shared computers from changes by untrusted users and unwanted software installations, as well as safeguard system resources. Features include: Windows Disk Protection, User Restrictions and Settings, User Account Manager, Computer Restrictions, Schedule Software Updates. I have not used this tool yet, but I guess it might be really cool in some circumstances.
  • SyncToy v2.0 – helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly and easily. Again, have not used it myself yet, but needed such a tool million times in the past.

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