Microsoft RTC Client SDK 1.3 Under Vista

We use Microsoft RTC Client SDK 1.3 in our application to provide SIP telephony. Vista is not our priority, but, as all laptops and PCs nowadays come preloaded with Vista rather than XP, some time ago we decided to try our software on Vista. We’ve got everything working, except the phone – it was complaining about the RTCClient COM component. I wasted about half a day trying to “please” Vista to get RTC client running on it – checked forums, did all mumbo-jumbo things people claimed helped them – all in vain. In the end we simply abandoned the idea…

Today I decided to try it once more. And, guess what! Got it working in 10 minutes! :) All thanks to the post on MSDN Forum and then the corresponding blog post (mirror is here) by Laurent Etiemble.

The thing worked like a charm! Unfortunately, I cannot confirm if registering DLLs is a needed step – I do not have Vista near me, so I have made a script that my colleague at remote location tried on his Vista laptop and, to save time and reduce the “human-error” possibility/hassle, I included the registration part (regsvr32 for all DLLs) just in case.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft RTC Client SDK 1.3 Under Vista

  1. thanks.

    at this moment i’ve only working on XP but someday i will need to install on vista.

    thank you 4 this warning.

  2. The RTC Client SDK 1.3 is not available from microsoft website anymore.

    Do you know where can I download it?

    Can you send me by e-mail (I don’t have any limits on it) or by ftp?
    I can give you ftp server address with usernam and passwrd to upload it.

    Thanks a lot.


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