More C++ Resources

Michael D. Crawford’s GoingWare’s Bag of Programming Tricks contains wealth of super-interesting and useful information about many things, including advanced C++ topics. Especially I would mention Sermon at the Soup Kitchen (On C++ Software Quality and Institutional Resistance to Change), Pointers, References and Values (Passing Parameters, Returning Results, and Storing Member Variables with Musings on Good C++ Style), On Refactoring C++ Code (Properly managing memory returned by transcode() in the Xerces XML Library: from memory leak to clean, leak-free exception safety), and Pointers to C++ Member Functions (A tutorial on a useful yet poorly understood language feature, useful as a cache or to enable a different sort of polymorphism).

Then, there are tens of extremely interesting articles (despite older) about advanced C++ topics on Articles by Angelika Langer & Klaus Kreft site. Areas covered include STL, Standard Library, Core C++, and IOStreams.


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