|=uCl<1/\/9 Acrobat Reader!!!

Arghhhhh! The newest Acrobat Reader sucks big time!!! Its Content Preparation Progress/Please wait while the document is being prepared for reading dialog is something beyond my understanding. It is “processing” the document with the speed of 1-2/pages per second, and stays on top of e.g. browser; plus, you cannot do anything with the document while the dialog is there, e.g. no searching.

How could older Acrobat Readers show me my documents without displaying this beautiful piece of “contemporary PC art”, and the newest reader cannot!?

UPDATE There is a way to turn it off! There is the Reading > Screen Reader Options > Page vs Document option in Preferences, and it should be set to Only read the currently visible pages. No idea, why it had different value, as I have never touched it. Anyway, I am not alone in this – many others had the same issue, when this setting got somehow changed.


4 thoughts on “|=uCl<1/\/9 Acrobat Reader!!!

  1. Your settings/preferences are screwed up :(. That dialog will only appear when you have enabled a preference (that is off by default) having to do with Reading a document for a screen reader.

  2. No idea what setting affects it. I have never changed anything in Reader’s settings and always used it with defaults. This dialog started to appear after I have installed latest Acrobat Reader update (and also did not change anything in preferences).

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  4. Quite. The stupid thing is turned on from initial download without altering anything! Then you get to all the other prefs with nondescript meaningless jargon… What ever happend to K.I.S.S. rules?! And it’s slower to open a PFD on a modern Core 2 Duo than V.4 running on my old W98 286 machine! Progress huh!

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