Microsoft DevLabs

On the DevLabs site you read: “Any truly remarkable software innovation that introduces a paradigm shift is based on solid inventive ideas. But it also needs discussion, trial, collaboration, and a critical eye. Explore the projects that we are experimenting with in our labs, and let us know if they inspire you.”

Currently there are four projects there:

  • Popfly, a “fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, games, Web pages, and applications”
  • Small Basic, a “simple and easy programming language with a friendly environment that provides a cool and fun way of learning programming”
  • Pex, an “intelligent assistant to the programmer”
  • CHESS, a “concurrency testing tool for finding and reproducing concurrency Heisenbugs in your code. CHESS can find assertion violations, deadlocks, livelocks, data-races, and memory-model errors. CHESS works both for managed and for unmanaged code”

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