Webcam Control with WPF

Webcam control with WPF or how to create high framerate player with DirectShow by using InteropBitmap in WPF application by Tamir Khason shows how to do exaclty what it claims to show :) in a way alternative to what Jeremiah Morrill is proposing (now, I do not have an opinion as of which is better or worse – they both have their uses).

Side Note Unfortunately, you cannot play decent quality video in WPF application (meaning in WPF “airspace”) no matter what you do – it has to do with non-constantness of the WPF rendering frame rate (and, on XP, add here WPF tearing artefacts), and I do not see how it can be fixed in the future as this problem is rooted extremely deeply in the core of WPF rendering pipeline. Microsoft knows about this issue, but does nothing to fix it.


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