Windows: XP Embedded vs Embedded Standard

Just at this moment I am installing Windows Embedded Standard on Virtual PC 2007 SP1 with Windows XP Pro.

It was painful to start the installation! I have tried it a few times, but each and every time it failed complaining that it cannot register richtx32.ocx. Whatever I have tried brought me to the same result. Finally, after fair amount of googling, I found possible solution – to burn the ISO image to the DVD, and install it from this disk.

The only problem is, that it is installing more than 1 hour already, and I have no idea how much is still left – there is no total progress bar. On the other hand, when the ISO image was mounted, the installation process was going very fast (of course only till it was stucking at richtx32.ocx). I wonder, is it so difficult to make NORMAL installation these days? Is it difficult to make it so that your own products could install without problems on your own Virtual PC software (OMG, I still do not understand how the f#$k registration of the ocx can fail if disk is not burned, but rather mounted from ISO)? Why WES installer is trying to install IE7 and WMP11 if these applications are already installed? Rhetorical questions…

But the real question is – why did Microsoft “create” Windows Embedded Standard in the first place? It is obvious, that WES is based on XPE. Even more – it IS XPE! Tools have not changed much (not at all?). Components have references to XP in their descriptions and help. In fact, it seems that the only difference between XPE and WES is that there are some extra components (e.g. .NET 3.5) in WES that are not in XPE. Was it just for the sake of the “name unification”? Or to “separate” itself from XP? What was the real need to do this step? To confuse developers? I have no idea…

PS Now that I used real DVD disk, the installation completed without problems.


2 thoughts on “Windows: XP Embedded vs Embedded Standard

  1. Thanks for this post.. Saved my life…

    Found a workaround. I mounted the ISO on the host system using daemon tools and then attached the DVD like a normal drive in VPC. That worked like a charm..

    Thanks for the info

  2. If you got richtx32.ocx registry problem, check your ISO image size.
    The correct size is about 4.29GB, not 3.99GB.
    Some people, included me, get wrong size because we extract the ISO image from RAR parts downloaded from Microsoft website to a FAT32 disk partition.
    And the maximum size of one file in FAT32 is 4GB, so the extracting stops at 4GB without error message!!!
    Hope this can save your time.

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