ClaroVision.NET Platform Videos

My company, Oy ClaroVision Ltd, has been developing a media center (how we understand and see it) since 2006. What you get is:

  • Digital Television PVR Record up to 6 channels and watch one more simultaneously
  • Photo Album Organize your photos in a way most convenient for you thanks to extensive support of playlists (and, of course, you can view your photos too!!! :)
  • Music (including CD) Take control of your music collection thanks to playlists and CD-ripping function
  • Video (including DVD) Watch and organize all your videos, including DVDs (Blu-ray coming)
  • Web Browser Access exciting Internet services on the living room TV (it is not a walled-garden browser!)
  • Videophone Stay in touch with your family and friends

It is networked, so you can access content stored on your home PC/server as well. The main accent was made on usability – whole thing is very uniform and is controlled using remote control’s arrows, OK, Menu, and Back buttons.

We reached the beta milestone some time ago, and now we are ready to go to the public with our product. Here are some demo videos (all of them have HD version, so they are a bit bandwidth-demanding for proper watching) that make it easier to understand what we are talking about. You can find these same videos on our completely revamped website together with more detailed information about the platform and our company. Your comments are very welcome!


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