Catalyst 10.6 + Flash 10.1 = Kaboom! :x

Children, never ever put these two beasts together in their default configurations, or you will get spectacular crash (a.k.a. BSOD, a.k.a. blue screen; the problem is that usually it crashes so thoroughly that there is no way to even see BSOD) whenever you open a web page with Flash video in it, e.g. YouTube. The workaround is simple – disable hardware acceleration in Flash player. To do it, right click on the Flash player in browser (preferably on the page without Flash video, or BSOD will come and eat ya! just kidding), select Settings…, and then clear the Enable hardware acceleration box on the Display tab (first tab in settings). That’s it! After this fix Catalyst 10.6 + Flash 10.1 – Hardware Acceleration = Nirvana :)


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