Virus Scanning: Microsoft-Recommended Exceptions

Microsoft has published on their support site interesting article Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers that are running currently supported versions of Windows. It applies to the systems that experience slow-downs or instability when using virus scanning software (whatever the vendor), and proposes a solution (temporary solution?) for the issue.


2 thoughts on “Virus Scanning: Microsoft-Recommended Exceptions

  1. This workaround may make a computer or a network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software such as viruses. We do not recommend this workaround but are providing this information so that you can implement this workaround at your own discretion. Use this workaround at your own risk.

    I find this disclaimer rather humorous.

  2. Well, humorous or not, but it is saying truth – doing this in e.g. Microsoft Security Essentials is tricky, as it has exceptions either for folders/individual files, or for file types, but you cannot set exceptions for e.g. c:\somefolder\somefiles*.log – only either for all files in c:\somefolder\ or all *.log files (which is stupid, as far as I can tell). I think Microsoft should rather organize it nicely with all antivirus vendors (themselves included!) to really not scan only those files that are safe, and make it default settings – then it will be both safe and foolproof, and will improve performance and stability.

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