Managed/Native Debugging in C#/C++

I had a problem debugging my solution consisting of C#, C++/CLI, and native C++ projects. I was not able to get breakpoints working in the native C++ parts – after running the solution with breakpoints set, they were turning gray with warning sign, and their tooltip stated that “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.” despite all debug properties were set right on those projects and all debugging symbols existed. After fighting it for a few hours and almost giving up, I started to think that the problem might not be with the native C++ projects, but rather somewhere else, e.g. in the StartUp project, which is C#. Checked that project’s properties, and guess what! Debug > Enable unmanged code debugging option was off!!! Switched it on, and voila – breakpoints work fine in native C++ DLL now!!! :)


3 thoughts on “Managed/Native Debugging in C#/C++

  1. I tore some hair with a similar issue in a different context – loading a WPF window as a child of an MFC C++ parent, so the MFC parent was compiled C++/CLI. When I added a child MFC DLL to the MFC parent as well, no breakpoints int he DLL child were being hit. Changing the debugger type on the parent from “Auto” to “Mixed” fixed the issue, after many hours of bingoogling and a lot of trial and error. Hope it helps someone else!

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