Task Parallel Library / TPL

It has been very long since my last post here – I was really busy at work. But I will try to “fix it”! :)

I don’t know where Sacha Barber finds time for all his articles and “hobby” projects, but I am glad he does! One of the latest subjects of his investigations is Task Parallel Library (or TPL in short), one of the new parts of .NET 4:

  1. Part 1: Starting Tasks / Trigger Operations / Exception Handling / Cancelling / UI Synchronization
  2. Part 2: Continuations / Cancelling Chained Tasks
  3. Part 3: Parallel For / Custom Partioner / Aggregate Operations
  4. Part 4: Parallel LINQ
  5. Part 5: Pipelines
  6. Part 6: Advanced Scenarios / v.Next for Tasks

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