From the ShutdownGuard‘s site:

ShutdownGuard tries to prevents applications to shutdown, reboot or log off your computer. When it prevents a shutdown in Windows XP, it will pop up in the tray and ask you if you want to continue. In Vista and Windows 7, you will see another dialog. Note that ShutdownGuard will not be able to prevent all shutdowns, since some programs explicitly tells Windows to force the shutdown. This means some programs will still be able to shutdown your computer!

In essence, it will prevent e.g. automatic reboots of Windows after updates – these auto-reboots might be quite annoying if you e.g. had something important running overnight, and then in the morning you realize that your computer was rebooted in the middle of the process.


JetBrains dotPeek

redgate‘s decision to start charging for their Reflector .NET decompiler sent ripples through the .NET development community. Personally, while I do not think that the 25-69 EUR price is outrageous, I must agree with many people – redgate promised to keep Reflector free after the acquisition.

But, whatever happens, happens for the best. New decompilers started appearing like mushrooms after the rain, and JetBrains, the famous maker of e.g. ReSharper and TeamCity, came with its own free dotPeek decompiler, which is in the EAP or Early Access Program stage now. Knowing and using JetBrains’ products, I believe that dotPeek has all chances to become the de-facto standard for a .NET decompiler eventually, so I will keep an eye on it.