Toolbox Scrollbar Disappeared in Visual Studio

My colleague just hit into a problem with his Visual Studio 2012 – the Toolbox (the one keeping UI controls) lost its scrollbar. The scrollbar was appearing if he was filtering controls by name, and disappearing again when filtering was off. After searching a bit on the net I found that people were seeing the same problem in Visual Studio 2010 as well. The workaround Barney Nicholls, that post’s author, proposes for Visual Studio 2010 involves deleting toolbox*.* files from the Visual Studio settings’ folder:

  1. Close Visual Studio.
  2. Delete toolbox settings using the commands below.
  3. Start Visual Studio.

The commands (script) to delete the toolbox settings (those files are normally hidden, thus we need to remove the hidden file attribute before):

attrib -h %userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\visualstudio\10.0\toolbox*.*
del %userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\visualstudio\10.0\toolbox*.*

Needless to say, that this worked for Visual Studio 2012 as well – just substitute 10.0 with 11.0 in the commands above. And, of course, you can perform these operations in Explorer, FAR, or any other file manager as well.

PS Just occurred to me, that there is one more problem, similar in its nature, but with different symptoms – IntelliSense stops working after some actions, e.g. renaming some function. Usually, deleting the hidden .suo file with the same name as the solution .sol file and located in the same folder as the solution file resolves the problem. Of course, Visual Studio must be closed when performing this operation.


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