Windows Phone 8 SDK + VirtualBox = Problem

Just installed the Windows Phone 8 SDK and got disappointed when running the sample app on the phone emulator failed with the following cryptic message:

The Windows Phone Emulator wasn’t able to create the virtual machine. Something happened while creating a switch: Xde couldn’t find an IPv4 address for the host machine.

Some people suggested that the problem might be related to the VirtualBox being installed on the machine (I had it). Uninstalling VirtualBox helped, although it is a bit annoying, as I need VirtualBox to access my work VPN.


11 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8 SDK + VirtualBox = Problem

  1. Hi Pietro! Sorry for late answer, but here is my opinion…

    Well, not sure that I exactly understood your problem (do you need to install Windows 8 into a virtual environment to test WP8 SDK? or do you want to test WP8 SDK on Windows 8 while still being able to use virtual machines?), I will give a generic answer: there is Microsoft’s Virtual PC for Windows 7, and there is Hyper-V built into Windows 8 – they are not equivalent, so you must try it yourself if they fit your need.

    There is also VMware’s Workstation (and many other products), but it is not free. It has 30-days free trial though, so you can test it as well.

    Of course, personally I like VirtualBox most, but if we cannot use it anymore, then we cannot. :(

  2. Hi Roman, yes this is my problem (“do you need to install Windows 8 into a virtual environment to test WP8 SDK”.
    I’ve installed Windows Phone 8 but the features windows phone emulator doesn’t run.
    I’ve a virtual machine (Virtual Box) with inside Windows 8 Pro in which I’ve installed the wp8 SDK.
    I’ve set up 4GB RAM and Intel Virtualization enabled on processor (i7)

    It’s possible that for run emulator I need 4GB Ram? Incredible ?!?!

    Another possibilities is to try vmware player 5.0.1 but i prefer to use Virtual Box 4.2

  3. I see… I am not sure that I can help with that, but you can check one thing: in the settings page of your VirtualBox virtual machine check the System>Processor>Enable PAE/NX check box, and then in the System>Acceleration tab check both Enable VT-x/AMD-V, and Enable Nested Paging check boxes (all these effectively allow VMs to use host machine’s virtualization functions directly). And, you might need to reinstall Windows 8 on the VM – not sure whether it will (although I would say it should) pick up these changes after the reboot. This might solve your problem, as WP8 emulator needs hardware virtualization and SLAT support. Drop a line if it worked for you.

  4. I tried this, it doesn’t work. Apparently, the only viable option is VMWare. At least for now…

  5. Has anyone had experience with installing Windows 8 and Phone SDK INSIDE a KVM virtual machine (Proxmox) ?
    Everything works fine except that the emulator won’t launch. I desperately need help to know if I have any chance by tweaking the KVM and proc settings, or if it is just impossible.

  6. Gabriel, I have no idea about KVM, but you can check those few settings (it it has them) that I mentioned above: VT-x/AMD-V, nested paging, PAE/NX. Also, I would speculate, you need to get DirectX working in the VM. Also, SLAT support in the VM is a must. Hope you will find a solution.

  7. Yeah, I tried the same settings in Virtualbox, can’t even select Hyper-V to install from Prog & Featutres in Win 8 Enterprise, without it no WP 8 emulator…. saw it another blog also that VMWare is only option for trying out WP 8 development under Win 7. I’d love to switch to Win 8, but our IT still won’t support it and my boss won’t buy me another stinking $500 Win 8 laptop :-)…. Why do Microsoft need to make developer’s life this hard for WP 8 dev? I’ll get my own Win 8 soon.

  8. Finally, I have found the solution for this stupid error. I had been working on this issue almost 1 month.

    I just did 2 things recently and I emulator did create virtual machine in Hyper-V as well as deployed my application into Emulator.

    DISABLE ANTI-VIRUS. (I was using Panda Cloud Anti-Virus)
    Enable FIREWALL if you did TURN OFF
    I hope this would work.


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