Problem with SugarSync’s AutoSync on Android

I have all auto sync categories (i.e. folders, photos, and videos) off in settings, but SugarSync Android app periodically wakes the tablet up for syncing, despite there is nothing to sync. The interval of these wake ups is the one specified in the auto sync settings (which are disabled, i.e. grayed out).

This results in unnecessary battery drain (my setting for the period was 1 hour, and it “ate” about 10% of battery overnight).

I have switched the syncing interval to 24 hours, so I will see in the evening if it alleviated the issue as a temporary workaround. The real fix must be done in the SugarSync app – to stop waking up when auto sync is off. Reported this to SugarSync, let’s see what will happen.


LocalDB and NHibernate

We’ve got a request to support SQL Server 2012 in our product at work. Well, the LocalDB (coming with Visual Studio 2012; a rough equivalent of SQL Server Express of the past) is practically SQL Server 2012 I thought, so it was reasonable to do initial testing on it. We use NHibernate 3 in our system, so I went to the .nhibernate.config file, and changed the connection.connection_string property (the Data Source part of it, to be precise) from

Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS

to the logically sounding

Data Source=(localdb)\Projects

and… It did not work. A bit of googling pointed me to a solution: named pipe connection. To get its name, run

sqllocaldb info <InstanceName>

in the command line, which in my case translated into sqllocaldb info Projects. The output will contain the Instance pipe name line, and the value of it is the data source name you are after. So, in my case the correct Data Source read

Data Source=np:\\.\pipe\LOCALDB#5E0F8FF8\tsql\query

(as far as I understand, usually only the number after LOCALDB# will change).