Problem with SugarSync’s AutoSync on Android

I have all auto sync categories (i.e. folders, photos, and videos) off in settings, but SugarSync Android app periodically wakes the tablet up for syncing, despite there is nothing to sync. The interval of these wake ups is the one specified in the auto sync settings (which are disabled, i.e. grayed out).

This results in unnecessary battery drain (my setting for the period was 1 hour, and it “ate” about 10% of battery overnight).

I have switched the syncing interval to 24 hours, so I will see in the evening if it alleviated the issue as a temporary workaround. The real fix must be done in the SugarSync app – to stop waking up when auto sync is off. Reported this to SugarSync, let’s see what will happen.


3 thoughts on “Problem with SugarSync’s AutoSync on Android

  1. Roman,

    I work for SugarSync. Can you let me know what version of the app you are running and on what devices?

    Thank You,


  2. Hi Samir,

    I use the official version 3.6.2 (the one from Google Play). When I have set the interval to 24hours this morning (by activating folder sync, then changing the interval, and deactivating folder sync), the wake ups stopped – at least there was none during the day. Well, likely it will happen every 24 hours now – but still a big improvement.

    I have filed a support ticket at SugarSync as well, so perhaps some colleague of yours is also looking into it.

    PS I have posted the original info not to bad-mouth SugarSync (which I happen to really like! :), but rather to propose a workaround for people who might bump into the same issue.

    Best regards,

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