Thrive for Developers

Thrive for Developers by Microsoft is “a one-stop community hub that offers job postings, technical content, and community resources. So whether you’re seeking new ways to differentiate yourself on the job, or you need to re-tool your skills for that next big role, Thrive has the resources to help you get there faster.” Looks and sounds interesting, but remains to be seen where it will go…

Advertisements was started recently by Joel Spolsky (no intro needed, I guess), and Jeff Atwood, the author of the Coding Horror blog. It is a programmer Q&A site that offers programmers the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the programming community for free, and intends to become the right source of answers for any programming question. What I have seen so far looked interesting and promising.

Wintellect Power Threading and Power Collections Libraries

Wintellect’s Jeffrey Richter created the Power Threading Library containing many classes to help with threading and asynchronous programming. More information about the library’s classes can be found via Jeffrey Richter’s Concurrent Affairs column in MSDN magazine. Then there is the Yahoo! Group established to support the use of this library

On top of that, Wintellect has the Power Collections Library that extends the Base Class Library with an algorithms class and a series of new containers. Now the library has moved to CodePlex and is available with the source code. Wintellect’s Peter Golde has excellent blog going into deeper details about the library.

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