DataView RowFilter Syntax

I always, and I mean ALWAYS forget the syntax of RowFilter expressions. So, here is a nice round-up on the topic.


Task Parallel Library / TPL

It has been very long since my last post here – I was really busy at work. But I will try to “fix it”! :)

I don’t know where Sacha Barber finds time for all his articles and “hobby” projects, but I am glad he does! One of the latest subjects of his investigations is Task Parallel Library (or TPL in short), one of the new parts of .NET 4:

  1. Part 1: Starting Tasks / Trigger Operations / Exception Handling / Cancelling / UI Synchronization
  2. Part 2: Continuations / Cancelling Chained Tasks
  3. Part 3: Parallel For / Custom Partioner / Aggregate Operations
  4. Part 4: Parallel LINQ
  5. Part 5: Pipelines
  6. Part 6: Advanced Scenarios / v.Next for Tasks

Today’s Sites/Blogs

  • Ask the Performance Team (Thoughts from the EPS Windows Server Performance Team) – in their own words “… the Performance team covers a broad range of seemingly unrelated areas such as Core OS Performance, Printing, WMI and Terminal Services. Simply put – we’re a bit of a “catch-all” team. […] Because we cover such a wide spectrum of technology, we see many different types of issues – some more frequently than others. So we thought we should share with the broader technical community. We’ll be sharing troubleshooting tips and technical information on areas of our specialty that we cover.”
  • 45+ Excellent Code Snippet Resources and Repositories – it is what it says it is.

.NET Events: Multithreading Issues

Threadsafe Events article at CodeProject explains problems one might encounter with .NET events in a multithreaded environment (not necessarily stating the absolute truth but still). Unfortunately, no-one has figured out the perfect solution, and we will have to choose “the best from all bad solutions” for some time still.

Asynchronous Callback Contexts article by the same author shows possible solution for event cancellation, particularly during object disposal: end-users do not expect components to raise events after they have been disposed or after they have unsubscribed from these events. The author refers to his Nito Asynchronous Library as a way to solve this issue.

Today’s Sites/Blogs

  • Started to “bump” into the Smashing Magazine quite often nowadays. Usually it collects interesting Internet resources related to web development (notably CSS, HTML, AJAX, etc.) and design (user interfaces, fonts, new ideas, etc.), and also has some tutorial-like or how-to-like posts (e.g. about PNG optimization, common mistakes, etc.). Really nice! Webdesigner Depot, Line25 Web Design Blog, and Presidia Creative all have similar concept.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation SDK by Windows Presentation Foundation SDK writers and editors. Might be more interesting, but OK nevertheless.
  • Expression Blend and Design – The team blog of the Expression Blend and Design products