In our work project we moved to AngularJS, and I must say that it is great! Beats Durandal and Knockout to to one – no kidding. Everything is much better – bindings to “normal” objects, nice routing system, no need for 20 other libraries to make it working, etc.

So, here I will try to collect some helpful links to start with:

  • Learn AngularJS in 5 Steps: some good advices for n00bs.
  • rather nice collection of short videos about various aspects of Angular.
  • Prototypal Scope/JavaScript Inheritance: guy put together a lot of work to get the article written – must read.
  • Post from Miško Hevery himself about differences between values, services, factories, providers…
  • Great answer to the How do I “think in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background? StackOverflow question (TL;DR – ditch jQuery if you do AngularJS).

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DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern