JavaScript Advanced Topics

Not really an advanced topic, but nevertheless nice collection of “JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins” at JavaScripting.

And then some more:


AngularJS Style Guides

And, finally, not a style guide (but has references to them :)) – The ginormous and unstoppable list of useful Angular resources


In our work project we moved to AngularJS, and I must say that it is great! Beats Durandal and Knockout to to one – no kidding. Everything is much better – bindings to “normal” objects, nice routing system, no need for 20 other libraries to make it working, etc.

So, here I will try to collect some helpful links to start with:

  • Learn AngularJS in 5 Steps: some good advices for n00bs.
  • rather nice collection of short videos about various aspects of Angular.
  • Prototypal Scope/JavaScript Inheritance: guy put together a lot of work to get the article written – must read.
  • Post from Miško Hevery himself about differences between values, services, factories, providers…
  • Great answer to the How do I “think in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background? StackOverflow question (TL;DR – ditch jQuery if you do AngularJS).

TypeScript = Application Scale JavaScript

A few days ago Microsoft announced a new programming language, TypeScript. Effectively, it is a typed super-set of JavaScript that compiles to “normal” JavaScript. Being super-set also implies that JavaScript programs are also TypeScript programs, so one can reuse all the existing code-base and external libraries, while still benefiting higher productivity, new language features, and new tools (e.g. there is a VS2012 plugin with full IntelliSense).

The thing looks quite interesting, solid, and extra credibility is added by the fact that Anders Hejlsberg himself made almost an hour long Introducing TypeScript video about the subject. Of course, it is not guarantying that the project will survive in the long-term, but then, on the other hand, the risk of using TypeScript in own projects is minimal, even non-existing, as you always end up with normal JavaScript, so you can migrate back to JavaScript-only development any time you wish.

Scott Hanselman also expresses his view about TypeScript in Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything?. The article has some explanations, and references some extra tools, e.g. Web Essentials 2012 VS2012 plugin that, among many other cool things, improves TypeScript support in the VS2012.

Today’s Sites/Blogs

  • Started to “bump” into the Smashing Magazine quite often nowadays. Usually it collects interesting Internet resources related to web development (notably CSS, HTML, AJAX, etc.) and design (user interfaces, fonts, new ideas, etc.), and also has some tutorial-like or how-to-like posts (e.g. about PNG optimization, common mistakes, etc.). Really nice! Webdesigner Depot, Line25 Web Design Blog, and Presidia Creative all have similar concept.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation SDK by Windows Presentation Foundation SDK writers and editors. Might be more interesting, but OK nevertheless.
  • Expression Blend and Design – The team blog of the Expression Blend and Design products