Async for .NET 4 and Silverlight

According to Async for .NET and Silverlight 4, Microsoft has finally released the async/await stuff for .NET 4. Available as a NuGet package.


TypeScript IntelliSense

We are going to use TypeScript in our product, so imagine my disappointment when I realized that IntelliSense is not working for TypeScript files in Visual Studio 2012, despite it should.

I have tried everything I could – played with VS settings, uninstalled and reinstalled TypeScript, ReSharper, whole Visual Studio… Nothing. Finally, I had to reset my Windows and start from scratch. After two full days completely wasted trying to get IntelliSense working, I finally got to the magic point of having fresh Windows, Visual Studio, and TypeScript. Started it all up, and bang – no IntelliSense again! After pulling some hair out, and crying quietly in the corner, I started second round of uninstalling and installing TypeScript, including older version 0.8.2, Web Essentials, resetting VS settings, etc. Same result. Finally I checked my Visual Studio plugins, and, to my surprise, spotted MySQL Tools for Visual Studio extension, despite I did not want to install it in the first place when MySQL was installed earlier. Removed this plugin, and voila, TypeScript IntelliSense at its best!

What is strange, I have tried to install MySQL server and its Connector/.NET at home (although a newer version package), and surely got the unwelcome MySQL Tools for Visual Studio extension with them. But! The TypeScript IntelliSense works nevertheless, despite a completely different picture was observed at work twice. Go figure.

So, if TypeScript’s IntelliSense is not working, I would recommend to remove all extensions, starting from those more exotic (e.g. MySQL, and those less used by wide population) – it might actually repair the thing.

f.lux – Better Lighting… For Your Computer

Just have found f.lux – a Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone/iPad software that automatically changes your computer screen colors and brightness based on the time of day. To make long story short, there seems to be some evidence now that LCD/LED displays are too bright in the evening/night, and this is causing sleep difficulties (eyes and thus brain are treating this bright light as a sun light, so they refuse to sleep). Will try it definitely.

Problem with SugarSync’s AutoSync on Android

I have all auto sync categories (i.e. folders, photos, and videos) off in settings, but SugarSync Android app periodically wakes the tablet up for syncing, despite there is nothing to sync. The interval of these wake ups is the one specified in the auto sync settings (which are disabled, i.e. grayed out).

This results in unnecessary battery drain (my setting for the period was 1 hour, and it “ate” about 10% of battery overnight).

I have switched the syncing interval to 24 hours, so I will see in the evening if it alleviated the issue as a temporary workaround. The real fix must be done in the SugarSync app – to stop waking up when auto sync is off. Reported this to SugarSync, let’s see what will happen.

Windows Phone 8 SDK + VirtualBox = Problem

Just installed the Windows Phone 8 SDK and got disappointed when running the sample app on the phone emulator failed with the following cryptic message:

The Windows Phone Emulator wasn’t able to create the virtual machine. Something happened while creating a switch: Xde couldn’t find an IPv4 address for the host machine.

Some people suggested that the problem might be related to the VirtualBox being installed on the machine (I had it). Uninstalling VirtualBox helped, although it is a bit annoying, as I need VirtualBox to access my work VPN.